Research in Sustainable Materials Chemistry



I completed my undergraduate master’s degree at the University of Birmingham (2013). During this time I undertook a research project, using biopolymers in conjunction with simple sol-gel synthesis to produce a range of nanocomposites to test for electro and photocatalysis. This research was carried out under the supervision of Dr Zoe Schnepp. This previous project is the basis for my current PhD position.


Current Activities

Japan – Having secured a 2 month placement on the NIMS summer intern program, I am currently investigating the catalytic activity of my materials in two main areas: 1) methanol reforming – using a number of copper-based samples; 2) Photocatalytic degradation of organic dyes. The former is being carried out in the research group of Professor Ya Xu and the latter with Professor Jinhua Ye. The researcher hosting me is Professor Yoshio Sakka, and research efforts here are pertaining to synthesis of new materials and characterization of existing ones.


As well as using new equipment and learning new techniques, this has been an opportunity to experience the Japanese culture. Below are some pictures of both sides of my trip.