Research in Sustainable Materials Chemistry


Zoe Schnepp

Zoe Schnepp

Zoe Schnepp is passionate about green chemistry, both in her research and the potential for changing negative public perceptions of chemistry. With diverse interests in nanotechnology, catalysis and materials from biomass, Zoe leads a growing group in the School of Chemistry at the University of Birmingham, UK. Prior to her Birmingham Fellowship, she held Postdoctoral Fellowships in the International Center for Young Scientists at the National Institute for Materials Science in Japan and theMax Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces in Germany. She received her PhD from the University of Bristol. In her spare time Zoe enjoys triathlon, mountain biking and playing hockey.

The Schnepp Group has welcomed members from as far afield as China. Members of the group have done some exciting things following their time with us, for example further research, industry positions or teaching.

hrCurrent members

PhD students

Ashleigh Danks

Ashleigh Danks

Dean Fletcher

Dean Fletcher

Isabelle Cavill

Isabelle Cavill

Erin Birch

Erin Birch







Masters students

Sam Dixon
Tom Hendricken

Group activities

Diamond October 2014
China September 2014
Japan August 2014
Diamond May 2014

Former group members

Yang Zhao
Harbinder Kaur
Bethany Turner
Romain Nicocia
Greg Burgess
Emma Thompson
Darren Hale
Yawei Tang
Vicky Williams
Lauréne Bourgeois
Janie Park
Daniel Warrilow Brennan


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